Debian 8 instalacija LAMP servisa

Debian 8 instalacija servisa LAMP

O LAMP-u – Akronim LAMP označava skup servisa u ovom slučaju na linux operativnom sistemu, L – Linux ( Debian 8 ), AApache, MMySQL, PPhp.

Vaša IP Adresa:

ifconfig eth0 | grep inet | awk '{ print $2 }'

Primer ispisa:

Apache instalacija

apt-get install apache2

MySQL instalacija

apt-get install mysql-server

Unesite šifru za root nalog baze, obrisati anonimni nalog, zabraniti root nalogu da se loguje van mreže, izbrisati test bazu i njen pristup, ažuriranje privilegija. U prevodu na sva pitanja odgovorite sa YES.

Enter current password for root (enter for none):
OK, successfully used password, moving on...

By default, a MySQL installation has an anonymous user, allowing anyone
to log into MySQL without having to have a user account created for
them. This is intended only for testing, and to make the installation
go a bit smoother. You should remove them before moving into a
production environment.

Remove anonymous users? [Y/n] y
... Success!

Normally, root should only be allowed to connect from 'localhost'. This
ensures that someone cannot guess at the root password from the network.

Disallow root login remotely? [Y/n] y
... Success!

By default, MySQL comes with a database named 'test' that anyone can
access. This is also intended only for testing, and should be removed
before moving into a production environment.

Remove test database and access to it? [Y/n] y
- Dropping test database...
... Success!
- Removing privileges on test database...
... Success!

Reloading the privilege tables will ensure that all changes made so far
will take effect immediately.

Reload privilege tables now? [Y/n] y
... Success!

Cleaning up...

PHP instalacija

apt-get install php5 php-pear php5-mysql
service apache2 restart

Kreiranje fajla info.php:

vim /var/www/info.php

Unesite sledeće parče koda:


Testiranje instalacije:

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